What should i expect?

A typical appointment

personal trainers melbourneAn initial appointment will last 1 hour and is where the naturopaths at Restore Naturopathy get to know you, your body and your health. The first 40 minutes involves a discussion about your body, any supplements or medication you’re currently taking, and your life style; including a stress, sleep and diet analysis. The following 20 minutes involves collaboratively designing a treatment protocol that achieves results and at the same time feels comfortable for the patient within their lifestyle

Preparing for your 1st consultation:

Bring along any medication or supplements you are currently taking (please write down the names and dosages or bring the boxes with you).

You will be e-mailed confirmation of appointment and a ‘food diary’ which should be completed for 3 consecutive days prior to your consultation. This is quite important as it allows more time to concentrate on your presenting symptoms.

Please note: please be truthful as this will help support the consultation and outcomes you’re looking for.

Preparing for your 2nd & follow up consultations:

Follow up consultations will last 30 minutes where your progress will be discussed and assessed. This is where any further information, questions and an evolution of your treatment will take place.

It’s important to note changes to your condition and the treatment since your last appointment and be ready to report them.

Please note: a notice of at least 24 hours is required for appointment cancellations; otherwise a cancellation charge  will be required.