Treated Conditions

Stress & Fatigue

Today there are few people who don’t experience high levels of stress &/or fatigue. As human beings, we are built to endure brief periods of stressful situations and then relax and heal. Unfortunately many of us live with chronic stress that seems un-escapable; financial stress, illness, work pressure, relationship stress, poor sleep, pain, etc. Your brain interprets the level of stress and releases a hormonal cascade that triggers your adrenal system to respond with stress hormones. These cause a variety of symptoms such as fatigue and mental fog, weight gain (particularly in the mid-section), anxiety, depression, low libido, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions. . . the list goes on.

Natural Treatment For Anxiety

Most people know whether they are stressed or not, but most people don’t know what help is available and what they can do about it. We all live with some level of stress and its necessary to motivate, excel and propel us in life, but most patients are burning the candle at both ends with no support. That’s where we step in. Naturopathic Medicine offers a comprehensive approach to stress adaptation with numerous treatment options from herbal, nutritional and dietary supplements to helping improve the way we think. Sometimes the stresses can’t be changed, but how we deal with them can. That’s what we focus on.

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