Treated Conditions

skin conditions

Your skin the first physical impression you can make to people about your health and often patients have suffered a great deal of time before arriving at the clinic. They are often tired of the side effects of their pharmaceutical treatments, and want an alternative. Here at the clinic we our treatments involved more than just symptomatic or topical treatment. In the clinic we see many skin conditions treated more effectively from the inside. Although providing relief for that itch, pain or puss is very important to us we obtain the best results from a combination of topical and internal treatments. Traditionally naturopaths would ‘detoxify and clean’ the blood, but today we merge that with a scientific understanding of supporting the elimination pathways, immunological factors and inflammatory cascades.

Skin conditions involved a multi-step treatment plan. First step is to identify the cause be it viral, bacterial, fungal, allergenic, diet-related, genetic, psychosomatic or environmental. Then support the body’s innate healing ability, while alleviating symptoms until the condition has been managed. Last is focusing on preventing the condition from returning and keeping the patient’s skin looking clear and healthy.

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