Treated Conditions


It’s often hard for us to see our children suffer whether it is a simple ear infection or chronic eczema. Here are Restore Naturopathy we have a strong commitment to our paediatric patients and their families. We feel that naturopathic medicine can often be the best option for treating the health concerns of children. Young people often respond particularly well to natural medicines when they are appropriately prescribed qualified Naturopathy. It is also very reassuring to parents that prescribed natural medicines are free of the side effects associated with conventional medications. The most common paediatric concerns we address in our clinic include eczema, acne and other skin problems, digestive concerns, allergies, asthma, recurring infections and ADD/ADHD. A treatment program would likely include a combination of dietary changes, herbals medicine, nutritional supplements and energetic healing. We always take into consideration the unique needs of our youngest patients when designing a program by making recommendations that are easy to implement and using supplements that are easy for the child to take (flavour or consistency). We have worked with newborns through to teenagers. We look forward to improving the health and wellbeing of your children.

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