Treated Conditions


Enhancing fertility and assisting couples with healthy pregnancies are very important aspects of the work we do at our clinic. The normal monthly success rate for couples trying to conceive naturally at age 25 years is 25% in a single menstrual cycle. This figure decreases with increasing age, particularly after 35 years of age for women. For example, 74.6% of couples aged 25 years will conceive in less than 6 months, but by 25–29 years of age the chance of conception in less than 6 months reduces to 25.5%. At Restore Naturopathy we understand couples aren’t in a rush and want to establish themselves and their relationships before they try and conceive. Our aim is to optimise fertility understanding that both couples play an important role in a successful fertilisation. Treatments focus on normalising menstruation, when applicable, hormones and lifestyle obstacles, as well as herbal, nutritional, energetic and dietary supplementation. We will consider all variables of your fertility puzzle in order to optimize your chances of having a baby.

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