Treated Conditions


Sniff, sniffle  sneeze, itch, blow, cough, wheeze. These are not symptoms of ‘Telfast’, ‘Zyrtec’ or ‘Claratyne’ deficiencies. While these medications may be effective for symphonic control in some patients, they fail to address the mechanisms that cause the allergic reaction and don’t solve anything. At Restore Naturopathy we investigate you thoroughly by taking an in-depth case history, review or ordering further testing when applicable. Allergic reactions occur when an inert substance (pollen, grass, dust etc..) causes the immune system to overreact  People can also have allergens to foods, or ‘food allergies’ (wheat, dairy  eggs, some fruits etc..) .  Often people who have environmental allergies also have some allergies to foods.

Inside the Restore Clinic it’s the naturopaths roll to help balance the immune system and address the cause for the allergic onset.  For some patients, there is a genetic aspect, for others it is related to stress, diet &/or fatigue weakening the immune system. We have seen patient causes related to environmental toxicity, chemical sensitivity and definitely lots of food allergies/sensitive patients.

Natural Allergy Remedies

In the clinic we offer treatment plans involving balancing the immune system, hypoallergenic diets,  reducing inflammations, restoring healthy function of the sinus mucosa and healing the intestinal wall. With these methods you will truly understand why your body reacts the way it does, and in turn find the best way to achieve an allergy friendly season within our clinic.

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