We support charity

$5 of every consult is donated

We feel very strongly about giving back to the community and believe its important part in growing and maintain an ethical practice. Not only do we volunteer our time as Naturopaths at the free clinic, $5 from every consult is also donated.

We chose the Sacred Heart Mission for several reason:

SHM corp logo1. We primarily wanted to help the homeless- We believe that everyone should have the bare minimum of a hot meal and a warm place to sleep. Something that we think we all take for granted when its always around.  The Sacred Heart Mission (SHM) runs several ‘soup kitchens’, as well as accommodations across melbourne for many struggling families and individuals. The SHM also supports women in difficult situations and has a specific womens shelter.

2. We wanted to ‘think globally, act locally’- Although there are many deserving charities across the world we think the idea of ‘sweeping around your own front door before you sweep around mine’ is a great one. The SHM is a Melbourne based charity.

3. We don’t care about religion- Our clinic sees many people from all walks of life and faith, and we wanted that reflected in the charity we choose. Although the SHM is originally a Christian organization after getting to know the people involved we feel that their primary focus is helping people, regardless of faith.  We didn’t find anyone pushing a religious aspect (unless asked) and most people working with them come from a variety of faiths.


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