Personal Training

The specialist in medical condition training & rehabilition.

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We are the leading specialist in training people with specific medical conditions. These include diabetes (Types I & II), cardiovascular diseases, M.S, osteoporosis/osteopenia, CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome),  etc. Our trainers all have extensive medical knowledge with either having a bachelor or equivalent in education and years of experience. You’ll be training with people who know how to handle your specific case and how much they should or shouldn’t push you in order to reach your goals.

Our private fitness studio combines state of the art equipment in a beautiful intimate, private setting.  Our studio makes you feel comfortable and you will find everything you need to achieve your results! We never charge membership fees nor are there ever any contracts. You only pay for the services you wish to use, whenever you wish to use them. Whether it is training 3x per week, 1x per week or 1x per month, this choice is yours.

If you do not like the busy, noisy fitness clubs, or if you are are sensitive to your personal image or if you just appreciate privacy, you’ll feel welcome within outdoors.

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As a Restore Personal Training Client you will receive:

– Monthly Assessment & Progress Meetings

    Monthly reports of your progress help keep you accountable and motivated

– Extensive Biodynamic Movement & Body Composition Analysis

   Postural assessment, body-fat, and movement screenings let tell you exactly where you are starting

​- Nutritional Jump-start and Educational Program

    A program designed to help you detox & jump-start your fitness

– Custom Written Home Workouts & Cardio Plans

    Extra home workouts help maximize your time & money

– Motivation, Accountability & Expert Program Design

​    Friendly but stern, non-intimidating support to help you achieve goals QUICKLY

Sessions can be conducted 1 on 1, 2 on 1 or in small groups and are by appointments only.