Naturopathy – What is it?

naturopath melbourneIf the leaves of your plant were turning brown, you wouldn’t fix them by painting them green! You would go to the root of the problem and water the plant. It makes sense to approach your health in the same way.

Naturopathic medicine focuses on a combination of holistic treatments combined with current medical practices, to find the root cause of your health condition. Our tailored treatment plans will optimize your body’s capacity to heal, as well as eliminate your obstacles to health. Common naturopathic modalities include herbal, nutritional and energetic medicines, as well as comprehensive diet and lifestyle advice.

When developing a treatment plan for each patient the naturopaths at Restore Naturopathy take guidance from the founding principles of Naturopathic medicine.

the founding principles of Naturopathic medicine

naturopath melbourne

– Identify and treat the cause, rather than just the symptoms

– When in balance, the human body has the natural capacity to heal

– First, do no harm

– The healer should be a teacher & educate, not just medicate

– Treat the whole person

Prevention is the best medicine

Commonly Treated Conditions