When To Take Sports Supplements?


Protein- What are they? They’re what your muscles are made up of. The reason people take them is to provide the building blocks to repairing, and growing your muscles. There are heaps of different types and sources. The 4 main types are: Hydrolyzed         0-30mins absorption speed Isolate                0-90mins absorption speed Concentrate        0-3 hours absorption speed Caisin                 0-8 hour absorption speed The sources are like whey, pea, hemp, rice, soy.. and the list goes on. Whey is the cheapest and most …

Crystal clear personality profiles (a bit of fun)


Hey I came across this the other day and thought it was a bit of fun. Personally, I’m not sure how much believe in this sort of thing. There is this thing called the Forer effect that is basically the notion that people always want to believe the positive things about themselves when doing personality tests. Long story short a Uni lecturer told his students to write down a few details about themselves and he’ll give them a highly specific 1 page personality profile based just on that (kind of like a specific detailed horoscope reading). So the next day he handed …

This Video Will Have You Completely Rethink How You Conduct Yourself Online And In Person


Are we sacrificing CONNECTIONS for just simple COMMUNICATIONS? Click here to watch a quick 3 minute video that explores the idea and concept below: Is fb and other social media, where we invest in self promotion and the idea of what we think we should be, adding to the growing rate of depression? Each post we put up or photo of us having a good time are setting the bar that ‘this is what our life is like all the time’,  Instead of the realistic ‘ups and downs’ of life. We only really post the good and not so much the …

The good & bad news- everything is your fault! :)


This is a very succinct defined way to be according to buddhism that’s easy to understand and well explained by a fellow aussie. These are no good or bad events in life, only the way you perceived them. There can be good and bad taken out from any experience, so why would you want to dwell the bad?  Below is a video that explains that everything is in our control and its all about our expectations and the way we look at life. And the god news and bad news with that is that WE are the one who controll …

NEED A DISCO NAP & not sure how long to have it?


Check out the pic below and find out the different effects between a 15mins, 30mins, 60mins, & 90mins power nap! Whats your favourite? Our’s is 20mins; 5min to get comfy & 15min to regenerate.

What makes you fat? too much food, or the wrong kind of food?


A nice little article here explains the theories behind weight gain. Personally I think it’s a combination of; the TYPES of foods you eat, HOW MUCH food you eat and your GENETIC PREDISPOSITION in assimilating and storying calories. Some people need to take into account ALL of them to lose weight and some people can get away listening to none! (and we hate those people! hehe). Anyway they go into explanations of genetic, hormonal and dietary reasons. Check it out here.      

EGGS- are they good or bad?


A recent meta analysis found that eggs DON’T increase heart disease, unless you have diabetes. Eggs are one of the main sources of dietary cholesterol for most people, and contain an average of 225 mg of cholesterol. Therefore, people at risk to cardiovascular disease have been recommended to limit their consumption of eggs. But the problem is that research on the cardiac effects of egg consumption have focused on specific markers in the body and assumed cardiovascular risk increase (a logical but not always practical assumption). After many years of medical dietary advice AGAINST eggs and many studies investigating the …

Knees buckle when you squat? why? & how do i fix it?


Link below is a great article explaining, in depth, the anatomical reasons why Knee Valgus occurs (when your knees buckle in). It’s written more for people in the industry but just have a quick read there is some great information there! Also great advice for how to correct it. If you have any questions just shoot me an email and i’ll try and explain anything in a different, more logical and less ‘gargan’/anatomical way : )  Below is a great snippet from it, but check out the whole article HERE Why Does Knee Valgus Occur? As to what’s causing the valgus collapse, in the research it has been suggested that knee valgus …

Great biodynamic 3 day split exercise program template


Okay guys as promised here is a solid 3 day split exercise program template. This has been designed to work out each body part in a specific order to get the best results. Also don’t forget to change your program every 6-8 weeks to keep your body guessing. To know what reps and rest time check out THIS article. Also see the ‘notes’ section below.  For any further questions just shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to answer any training or health questions.   Legs and shoulders: legs Back squat  BB- Make sure knees don’t come over your toes …

Trouble Sleeping?


Passiflora incarnata This beautiful and complex flower is from a certain species of Passion flower vine (Passiflora incarnata) and can help you fall asleep and STAY asleep. This photo was taken from Restore Naturopathy’s own herbal garden. Traditional herbalists saw the wiry looking strands surrounding the flower as representations of the nervous system. They used this beautiful plant for insomnia that stemmed from a place of anxiety and/or nervousness. It has a relaxing and calming effect that promotes continuous deeper sleep.

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