Its night, you’re staring at the ceiling and your brain wont shut off! 5 Simple Solutions for Insomnia


You sit there, lying in bed, just staring up at the ceiling and your brain won’t shut off! Welcome to insomnia! Having trouble falling asleep can be one of the most frustrating feelings in the world! According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in five people suffer from episodes of insomnia. It’s something that can affect any age at any time! Here are 5 simple solutions for insomnia… Insomnia symptoms not only include not being able to fall asleep, but waking up in the middle of the night or early in the morning, as well as not getting a …

Shredding for Stereo? Why Fad Diets Just Don’t Work


You want to loose weight or shred for Stereo and heard eating nothing but turnips is all the rage? 😛 Picking a diet to follow can be confusing because of the sheer number of them available on the market. Everyday a new fad diet comes along that promises great results with very little effort. If you have ever tried a fad diet, you know that they seldom work, but they are still extremely popular with dieters. What are Fad Diets? By definition, a fad diet is a dietary plan that enjoys temporary popularity and that promises dramatic results in a …

heart burning, not broke? Here are 5 Natural Ways to Help Your Indigestion


Many people suffer from heartburn or acid reflux issues and resort to over-the-counter medications to treat it. Unfortunately, these medications usually only treat the symptoms, not the cause of the issue. Instead of turning to antacids to try to treat your indigestion, try these five natural solutions for your problem.   1. Address Your Diet If you have frequent heartburn or severe acid reflux problems, you need to take a look at what, how much and how often you are eating. Some of the most common causes of indigestion are obesity, overindulging at mealtime, food allergies, consuming caffeinated beverages, chocolate, …

Food doesn’t have feelings- Why its important to keep diet diary?


WHATS SO IMPORTANT ABOUT KEEPING A DIET DIARY? In order to help people lose weight, many dieticians, recommend that people keep track of their eating and exercising routines in a diet diary.  Even if you are just trying to eat healthier and are not concerned with losing weight, you can use a diet diary to track how many calories you eat, what meals you’ve prepared, your mood and the type of exercises that you did.  By using a diet diary, you can receive these five benefits. Benefit #1 – Learn About Food Intolerance’s When you use your diet diary to …

Is A2 milk another hippie scam?


WHAT IS A2 MILK? A2 is just a protein found in milk. Its full name is ‘A2 beta-casein’. So what’s the big deal? WELL there are two main protein types in milk- A1 & A2, and most milk has both types. To cut a long story short they have found a certain type of cow the produces milk that only has A2. This milk is called A2 milk. WHY IS IT BENEFICIAL? Well there is this theory the A1 protein leads to inflammation and can increase the chance of triggering a milk/dairy sensitivity. This is caused by the digestion process of the …

Alkalizing diets – myth or marvellous?


Firstly let’s just get an idea of what we’re talking about here – what is a base and an acid? I’m not going to go into detail about the ‘probability of hydrogens’ and the pH scale and all the scientific stuff. You don’t really need to know that for this. All I want you to have in your head is: When you think of a base, think of bi-carb soda or any anti-acid like ‘Eno’. When you think of an acid, just think of lemon juice or the blood from the Aliens movie. So what’s the idea then? Many diseases …

What actually is Gluten?


IT’S A BIG BUZZ WORD at the moment is it? Well let us clear the air. What actually is Gluten?  It’s just a protein that’s found in wheat and a few other grains (such as rye and barley). SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL WITH IT? It’s just that some people have an allergic reaction to this protein…But what does that actually mean? It means that when the body ingests something made with gluten their body rejects it. People will experience symptoms in the bowel such as bloating, gas, cramping, constipation or diarrhoea. This happens because the body doesn’t like gluten …

Meditation- 3 easy ways to start!


There are heaps of benefits to having a daily meditation ritual. There are several ways to meditate and not all are just ‘look at a dot on the wall. We teach 3 main types here at the clinic. If you think you dont have time to meditate then you probably need it the most! haha  1. The easiest- ‘free writting’ This is very handy for people who don’t like to sit still and always want to be doing something. basically involves you writting continuously without stopping. you just write whatever you are thinking, even if it doesn’t make sense. The key is just to not …

NATIVE AMERICANS- Want to learn more?


Workshops with Elder Paul Crane Tohlakai From the Diné(Navajo) Nation of North America May 4-19, 2014 Various venues around Melbourne Paul Tohlakai will be in Australia from May 4-19 to give talks on topics ranging from the origin of the American Indians in North America, Diné Spirituality,  medicine, history as well as the past and present conditions on the Reservations. The following topics will be covered: 1. Ceremony in contemporary nation communities 2. How earth-based philosophy of indigenous people is needed now 3. Indigenous People’s place in global government 4. Appropriation of Native Spirituality 5. Religion vs Indigenous Spirituality 6. …

Here’s The Best Advice From A Single Guy Who Spent A Year Interviewing Couples


“One woman in Georgia gave some pretty amazing advice. She and and her husband have been married for over 60 years, and after being asked what her best relationship advice would be, she paused and said… ‘Don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most.’”   A great article explaining how to live so that you create a happy and healthy relationships with people.  Click HERE to read the full article.  

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