What actually is Gluten?

IT’S A BIG BUZZ WORD at the moment is it? Well let us clear the air.wheat

What actually is Gluten?  It’s just a protein that’s found in wheat and a few other grains (such as rye and barley).

SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL WITH IT? It’s just that some people have an allergic reaction to this protein…But what does that actually mean? It means that when the body ingests something made with gluten their body rejects it. People will experience symptoms in the bowel such as bloating, gas, cramping, constipation or diarrhoea. This happens because the body doesn’t like gluten and over reacts to it. It’s an immune reaction involving the limning of the stomach called ‘villie’ and the body responds with inflammation. So basically what happens is that when the gut comes in contact with this protein it views it as something ‘bad’, over reacts and tries to neutralise.

wheat 2SO WHY IS EVERY ONE WORRIED ABOUT THIS? Simply; because people are silly! There is this growing misinformed movement that feels that ‘gluten is the devil’ and should be avoided because its ‘promotes inflammation’. We agree that it does promote inflammation, but only in people who are sensitive to gluten. We are yet to see any credible evidence that suggests it’s the case for your average person. Sure if you have a problem with gluten, such as coeliac disease, then you should 100% avoid it. But most of us don’t so we can’t see why you should avoid it.

SO WHY DO PEOPLE FEEL SO MUCH BETTER WHEN THEY AVOID GLUTEN? Well we look at it like this; what kind of things do people remove or avoid when they are on a ‘gluten free diet’?…All the stuff that contains heaps of ‘hollow calories’ (or calories that are easily converted to fat). It’s your bread, pasta, crackers, biscuits, cakes, cereal’s, etc… All the stuff that is generally high in G.I (G.I high foods are foods that are easily converted to energy and then fat). So not only are they booting a main source of useless carbs they are also normally added heaps of foods that are high in protein as well as increasing fruits and vegetables. So what do we call that? ‘A HEALTHY DIET’! Haha So it’s not really that they are ‘cutting out gluten’, it’s that they are ‘avoiding foods that have little nutritional benefit’ (besides calories) and adding in stuff that’s good for you!

We’re kinda the diet experts here at Restore Naturopathy and always love to hear new theories and your experiences. So if you want to talk more about it please just call us- we don’t bite! Haha

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