Shredding for Stereo? Why Fad Diets Just Don’t Work

stereoYou want to loose weight or shred for Stereo and heard eating nothing but turnips is all the rage? 😛 Picking a diet to follow can be confusing because of the sheer number of them available on the market. Everyday a new fad diet comes along that promises great results with very little effort. If you have ever tried a fad diet, you know that they seldom work, but they are still extremely popular with dieters.

What are Fad Diets?

By definition, a fad diet is a dietary plan that enjoys temporary popularity and that promises dramatic results in a short period of time. No doubt you have heard of many fad diets like the “Cabbage Soup Diet,” which involves eating a bowl of cabbage soup whenever you are hungry along with a diet that varies each day.  Other fad diets include juicing diets and fasting diet plans that involve a very low daily caloric intact and skipping meals.

While there may be the occasional fad diet based on sound dietary principals, most of them involve consuming foods with few nutritional benefits and they generally give bad advice. Many of them claim that if you eat the foods they recommend, you won’t have to exercise and you will still lose weight. The most frequent phrase used is “the pounds will melt right off.”

Examples of Fad Diets

Along with the “Cabbage Soup Diet,” you may run across diets like the “One Day Diet” that promises you will lose one to two pounds in a single day if you follow their diet routine. The makers of this diet advises people not to follow it for more than three days in a single week.

The “One Day Diet” is very low in calories and to use it on a more frequent basis could cause you to feel weak and fatigued. Although it may help you lose a pound or two, the meals are more like snacks, so you are basically starving yourself and will result in rebound weight gain.

“The Chocolate Diet” sounds like Willy Wonka’s dream come true, but it actually involves the consumption of very little chocolate. On this plan, dieters are allowed one ounce of chocolate per day with their evening snack. Dieters are advised to snack on popcorn and eat pasta everyday as well.

Why are Fad Diets Popular?

Fad diets are often marketed by lesser known celebrities or those who were popular at one time but have all but faded from the limelight. These diets also promise miraculous results in a short amount of time, such as losing 30 pounds in 30 days.  People who need to lose weight due to a medical condition may buy into the hype because they are desperate.

Fad diets usually don’t work because once a dieter has lost weight, they go back to their normal eating habits and the re-gain the weight they’ve lost. The weight loss is temporary because the diet has done nothing to teach dieters what they need to do to achieve long-term results. Fad diets only provide temporary satisfaction to dieters and there is no substitute for ‘healthy eating’ and ‘everything in moderation’. We are experts in diet and nutrition and are always happy to discuss diets so feel free to just give as a call for a chat on 1800 337 447.

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