NATIVE AMERICANS- Want to learn more?

Workshops with Elder Paul Crane Tohlakai
From the Diné(Navajo) Nation of North America

May 4-19, 2014
Various venues around Melbourne

native americanPaul Tohlakai will be in Australia from May 4-19 to give talks on topics ranging from the origin of the American Indians in North America, Diné Spirituality,  medicine, history as well as the past and present conditions on the Reservations.

The following topics will be covered:

1. Ceremony in contemporary nation communities
2. How earth-based philosophy of indigenous people is needed now
3. Indigenous People’s place in global government
4. Appropriation of Native Spirituality
5. Religion vs Indigenous Spirituality
6. Prophecies

There will also be plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions, as Paul
prefers to create heart-based connections. The talks will therefore be informal
and open, evolving based on the group’s intentions.

About Paul:

– Paul is a full-blooded Diné (aka Navajo)
– He has survived 64 winters and is from the Clan “Walks Around”
– Some of Paul’s various activities include:
• Ceremonial leader
• Traditional drum maker
• Tour organiser and guide
• Involved in uniting Dene Nations in North America,
Siberia and Mexico in addition to Canada and USA
• Wild horse rescuer and natural horse trainer

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