Is A2 milk another hippie scam?

as2 milk vs othersWHAT IS A2 MILK? A2 is just a protein found in milk. Its full name is ‘A2 beta-casein’. So what’s the big deal? WELL there are two main protein types in milk- A1 & A2, and most milk has both types. To cut a long story short they have found a certain type of cow the produces milk that only has A2. This milk is called A2 milk.

WHY IS IT BENEFICIAL? Well there is this theory the A1 protein leads to inflammation and can increase the chance of triggering a milk/dairy sensitivity. This is caused by the digestion process of the A1 protein, that’s not apparent when we digest the A2 protein. A2’s chemical structure differs from A1 and isn’t digested in the same way so the body doesn’t have such a strong reaction to it. THAT’S why people say A2 all the rage! 🙂  So in a sense it’s a less reactive, ‘cleaner’, version of milk.

as2 milk chem structure

IS THERE SCIENCE BEHIND IT? Well there are several studies linking its benefits with type 1 diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases, but until recently there hasn’t been any credible literature on A2’s effects on gut health. Two very recent animal studies were published in the last few months (June September) supporting that the A2 protein decreases inflammation and sensitivity reactions.

a2 Funny-Cows-36

SHOULD I TAKE IT? Well from our experience within the clinic it is effective, but mainly with people with a mild to moderate dairy sensitivities. People with strong dairy allergy probably won’t find a huge benefit and should probably avoid dairy all together and/or substitute with milk alternatives such as goat, almond or rice milk.

FINAL THOUGHT?  A2 is helpful for people who suffer from mild to moderate dairy allergies but might not work for everyone. The research on its benefits to gut health and sensitivities might still be light, but from our experience it seems to work! But for an extra couple of dollars over normal milk it’s well worth a try!

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