Food doesn’t have feelings- Why its important to keep diet diary?


In order to help people lose weight, many dieticians, recommend that people keep track of their eating and exercising routines in a diet diary.  Even if you are just trying to eat healthier and are not concerned with losing weight, you can use a diet diary to track how many calories you eat, what meals you’ve prepared, your mood and the type of exercises that you did.  By using a diet diary, you can receive these five benefits.

Benefit #1 – Learn About Food Intolerance’s

When you use your diet diary to track how you feel everyday before and after eating, you will be able to detect issues with foods, such as lactose intolerances or foods that negatively affect your digestion.  When you discover issues with the foods you’ve been eating, you can either reduce your consumption or eliminate them from your diet altogether.  This will often help you feel better and have more energy each day.

Benefit #2 – You Can Lose More Weight

By keeping a diet diary, you can lose more weight because it makes you accountable for everything that you eat. It will help keep track of the times you mindlessly snack while watching television and give you the motivation to stop indulging when you see what type of foods you are eating.

A study conducted in 2008 by the Kaiser Center for Health Research showed that participants in the study who kept a diet diary lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t.  By reviewing what you have eaten, you can better spot bad eating habits that cause weight gain and work to eliminate those habits.

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Benefit #3 – Help with Improving Your Nutrition

When you write down everything you eat, which includes everything you’ve had at mealtime and for snacks, you will be able to read which foods your diet is lacking.  If you are eating too much fast food or processed foods, you will be able to see it in your diary.  It will also point out any absences of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals.  Your diet diary can help make sure your meals are more nutritionally balanced.

Benefit #4 –  Help with Tracking Special Diets

If you have diabetes or another chronic medical condition that calls for a special diet, using a diet diary will help you keep track of the foods you should, and shouldn’t, eat.  You can plan your meals around your nutritional needs and keeping a diet diary will allow you to track how well you are keeping up with your diet.  Use your diary to track the amount of medication you are taking and how you’re are feeling, along with your food intake and calories.

Benefit #5 – Keep Track of Exercise Routine requirements

If you’re an athlete or just enjoy a good work out a diet dairy is a great idea! It will let you know if you’re reaching your caloric and protein intake for the day or week! We find these are the two main hurdles for people who want to achieve their fitness goals.

We often can’t recommend diet diaries enough at the clinic! We believe they are one of the keys in our clients achieving their goals. They can be a pain in the ass in the beginning but when the client sees the results they understand why we are such a stickler for them! Hehe

Why don’t you give it a try? (Please see attached photo below)

Hand Out- Food Diary (1 week)

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