heart burning, not broke? Here are 5 Natural Ways to Help Your Indigestion

heart burn 1 in 3Many people suffer from heartburn or acid reflux issues and resort to over-the-counter medications to treat it. Unfortunately, these medications usually only treat the symptoms, not the cause of the issue. Instead of turning to antacids to try to treat your indigestion, try these five natural solutions for your problem.


1. Address Your Diet

If you have frequent heartburn or severe acid reflux problems, you need to take a look at what, how much and how often you are eating. Some of the most common causes of indigestion are obesity, overindulging at mealtime, food allergies, consuming caffeinated beverages, chocolate, fried foods and alcohol.  Yes, many of the indulgent foods and beverages you like could be causing your indigestion issues. Take a common sense approach to your indigestion issues by eating healthier foods, losing weight and eating less during meals.


2. Adjust How You Sleep

If you are afflicted with nighttime indigestion to the point that it wakes you up in the middle of the night, sleeping with your upper body slightly inclined may help you. You don’t have to resort to buying an expensive bed that tilts in order to sleep in the proper position. Use a wedge pillow or put bricks underneath the head of your bed to raise it slightly. Sleeping in this position makes acid stay in the stomach, with the help of gravity.

Several studies are also finding that sleeping on your left side can help reduce nighttime indigestion problems. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that sleeping on your left side can help decease instances of nighttime heartburn.


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3. Use Digestive Enzymes

One of the most common causes of indigestion, gas and bloating 15 to 30 minutes after eating is the lack of digestive enzymes coming from the pancreas.  People who have diabetes may be more prone to this problem as diabetes is an affliction associated with the pancreas. By taking digestive enzymes, you can help improve the release of pancreatic enzymes. These digestive enzymes are made from several sources including hog pancreas, pineapple or papaya sources and from fungal enzymes.


4. Add Ginger to Your Diet

gingerUsing more ginger root in your food or drinking beverages containing ginger is an old, but effective, remedy for settling indigestion and upset stomachs.  Stave off gas and bloating by drinking ginger tea, dicing or grating fresh ginger root in foods or take ginger capsules. Simply cut a centimeter of fresh ginger and put it in hot water and do this ~20 mins before each meal.

Also test it first with a small amount as it some circumstance it may aggravate. Try using less if this is the case.


5. Chew Your Food

Don’t gulp down meals, even if you are running late.  By eating too quickly, you can increase gas and bloating.  Thoroughly chew your food before you shallow it to reduce indigestion symptoms.  Also, try to eat your last meal about three hours before bedtime.  It is harder for your body to digest food when you’re sleeping.

Its always a good idea to consult your naturopath before doing any changes. We love to be annoyed hehe so feel free to call  for a chat before trying any of these

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