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We have such confidence in our treatments and the results you’ll obtain we  guarantee it!

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Treating the underlying cause

The Naturopaths at Restore Naturopathy in Melbourne will always strive to treat the root cause of a condition rather than simply suppressing the symptoms. A wide range of naturopathic treatments are applied from a scientific and traditional approach. The environment of the clinic is warm and welcoming yet professional and results oriented. We believe that you will find the best balance of science and nature within our doors.

Whether you want to treat a specific condition, focus on prevention or achieve optimal health, we can help.


Health Insurance Rebates

Restore Naturopathy is a member of The National Herbalist Association of Australia (NHAA) and are eligible to offer health care rebates on all consultations. We are registered with all major health funds. For more information please contact us or your healthcare provider directly.

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